Taylor's Pond

Paula and Chuck are the owners of Pacific Koi & Water Gardens and The Pet Stop  in Coquille, Oregon

After destroying our whole Koi House of fish, because they became KHV carriers, (imported from Bangkok), we remolded, put in cement floor, separate water systems at each tank, each is deeper and painted, all fish come from KHV tested farms and go through a 4 week heat treatment and each batch is tested. We have entered the BHP program to insure the best health practices available at this time, the tanks out the back of the shop are now the quarantine tanks. Many people add goldfish to their ponds, and gold fish can carry KHV to Koi so we now only purchase goldfish from American farms that are KHV tested. There is a lot to learn about KHV and my goal is to stay up to date and then educate pond owners. .

Winter plants are looking good, many have gone dormant, but some love this cool weather!

The three new quarantine tanks behind the shop