Harper's Pond

My Wife's friends have ponds and she ask if I would build her one. Enough said, what my wife  wants she gets. All work was done by me except for the backhoe digging and help with putting in the liner. Most of my education of ponding I learned on the Internet. I didn't join the club till after my pond was finished. Just remember you don't need a pond to be in a club. It's a great place to learn about ponding and we have lots of fun.  

Gallons 4400
Pond Size Depth 4'   Width 9'     Length 15'
Filters  Evolution Aqua's Nexus 300 with 325 Answer, Aquabead  2.50 cu.ft., Savio Living Waterfall filter,  Savio Skimmer with two 57 watt UV sterilizer-clarifiers
2- 4" bottom drains.
The Pond is aereated using a Hakko air pump.