Lonnie & Dixie Harris Pond

The pond was built as a memorial to Lonnie's wife and son and for Dixie's late husband.  The pond was rebuilt after the KHV infected our fish.  With the help of club members we redesigned the new pond to include a 4" bottom drain, sump box, UV light and bead filter.  All of which help to keep the pond cleaner and easier to maintain.  We have put up an overhead net and shade cloth and new sides to keep predators out.  As with most pond owners we keep changing and fixing our pond and learning about KOI.

Gallons 2800-3000.  Pond Size Depth 4' Width 10' Length 20'. Ultima II Bio-Mechanical Filtration bead filter.  Waterfalls Aquascape System.  Fish KOI, Number of fish, 8 large and 5 small.