• History of The Oregon Koi and Watergarden Society
    By Norman Call
    In May 1998 Scott Lander, owner of Young's Garden, Pet and Ponds asked if I would like to give a talk on Koi and pond care. The talk was so successful another mini seminar was scheduled. This time I asked everyone if they would be interested in starting a Koi and pond club.


On Sept. 26th, 1998, the first club meeting consisting of ten people was held at Young's. After much discussion about starting a club, I suggested we name the club the Oregon Koi and Watergarden Society. Then I declared myself dictator...er...president. Jacquie Ballard the Vice President. Chris Jurik volunteered to be the newsletter editor. Chris named the newsletter “The Tall Fish Story” Nancy Mason volunteered to be the treasurer and Johanna Schaffer became Secretary.


As the club progressed, we started having pot-luck dinner meetings at members homes. This gave us a chance to see different gardens and ponds and to share ideas. It was clear early on that information about pond care and koi was badly needed. It also became clear that we are a social club. After setting our goals, the OK&WS became a non-profit entity. Being a member of the OK&WS has been very rewarding for me and wealthy in friendships beyond measure. Water gardening has certainly enriched my life.


The Purpose of the Club as Per the Bylaws:

1. To promote, encourage, and educate, concerning the activity of keeping, breeding, appreciating and exhibiting Koi and aquatic plants.
2.To disseminate information about the above-referenced purposes to the members and the public at large, and to conduct activities conducive to learning about Koi and aquatic plants and the keeping thereof.  
3. To acquire and own such property which supports the purpose of the club.

We are Proud Members of the Following Clubs:

   Noman Call AKCA REP.     Randy &  Kim Brock PNKC REPS.

Sister Clubs:




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