Lugar's Pond

This pond was built by Dave and Robin Lugar. It all started one day when they made plans for some kind of water feature in the yard. As they explain, not knowing anything about building a pond, we looked up a local pond club. That was in 2003, in July 2004 we filled the pond and now have a 4000 gallon pond with several fish and water plants. The pond was built 3 deep with straight sides. The sides are straight in an effort to keep predators at bay. Our filter system is designed with a 300 gallon gravity fed filter witch contains filter mat. Water enters the filter through a bottom drain and a skimmer. The Sequence pump will push 3800 gallons of water per hour to two ports, one is the water fall and one is a midlevel return in the side of the pond.  Pond Review: 2-20-08 Pond size: Kidney shape in ground 19 long and 12 wide.

Gallons: 4000 Gallons

Filtration: Skimmer filter, in ground flow through Bio filter, and a savio filter falls.

Koi: We have 21 Koi in various sizes.

Equipment: The pump is a Performance Pro, Artesian A-40. So far running non stop for about 4 years.

UV: UV was added two years ago in 2006. 40 Watt Aqua Ultraviolet.