Norm Call's Pond
This Gunite and rebar 7600 gallon pond was built in July 2000. The pond  12' X 20' and 5 1/2” deep has a 4” bottom drain with diffuser and a 2” skimmer with an out of pond 360 gal. pre-filter, (sump) with Matala matting. The main filter is a fluidized bead filter system with turbo vortex, (debris separator) by Fluidart Technologies. The pump is a 6.2 Amps,  3/4 HP,  7770 gph dragon series by William Lim Corporation with UV 1 sterilizer. The waterfall has a dedicated 800 GPH pump. This pond is also equipped with the “Kozy Koi” radiant heating system controlled by an automatic thermal propane heater system.
"I enjoy watching my guest and their children feeding the Koi", said Norman, "The koi are trained to eat out of your hand."