2018 Officers


Pama Bangeman : President  
Following Norman Call and his well deserved retirement as President of the Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society will give me a large set of shoes to fill in 2018.  Thanks to all our members for the trust you have given me to lead this Club into the future.  I have been a member of this club for the past eight years.  During this time I found the courage to build my own pond, learning as I went and asking hundreds of questions that opened my eyes to a whole world of friendly people who are dedicated to Koi and their beauty.

Now that the pond is built I continue to explore new products and new thoughts on fishkeeping, there is always something new on the market and your fish can be a constant surprise with their antics and personalities. As a member of a local club I also enjoy visits to the many shows and seminars put on and hosted by other Koi clubs in the Pacific Northwest. My hope for this club’s future is to be a presence in this part of Oregon and to inform and help the public as they enjoy the hobby of pond keeping and water gardening.


Jim Daniels: Vice President  

Spent most of his career on the road in Sales. A Distinguished Toastmaster, he's now a licensed Senior Care Insurance Agent with his wife Sidney, after spending 10 years running a successful Legal Support Services business in California. He recently coached presenters at TedXRoseburg.

Sidney DanielTreasure:  

Sid had a career in the Corporate world and has been a licensed Senior Care Insurance Agent for almost 12 years. Her experience included years of statistical and lab analysis and building a massive customer complaint management system.

Kim Brock : Secretary  

Hello Everyone, My name is Kimberley. My husband Randy and I have 3 children and 2 grandson’s. Our family became members of OK&WS in 1999. Before the club we had a itty bitty 2000 gallon pond, after joining we upgraded to a 10,000. Over the years we have enjoyed learning everything koi and water garden. And along the way we have made some amazing friends. Randy and I are the PNKC Reps for the club

Bill Harper: Program Director and Webmaster:

My name is Bill Harper and I was the Vice President for the  OK&WS in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.  My wifes name is Mary. We have two ponds,.Our newest and largest pond is 24 x 12 x 7 1/2 ft totaling 16,000 gallons and the other one is 4200 gallons . I enjoy the technical aspects of filtration and water quality. If there is something you can never have enough of it is filtration.


Newsletter Editor: Pama Bangeman  

My husband and I have recently moved to Roseburg, Oregon from North Idaho and are getting to know the area and the friendly people. I have kept indoor aquariums with both Tropical fish and Goldfish but joined the Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society shortly after moving here to learn from the group about building a Koi pond and what that entailed. This club has opened my eyes to a whole new world of people who are dedicated to Koi and their beauty.

Since retiring from the Graphic Arts & publishing field it was a natural for me to take over as editor of our club newsletter when that position became available. In this position I am learning about Koi at an accelerated rate and I'm looking forward to starting a Koi pond soon with all of my new found information and friends.