2019 Officers


Jim Daniel : President  
Born in Arizona, and moved to a very small town (3,500 people) at age 2. I was always fascinated by big cities and have lived in a few. These days, the Roseburg community feels just right, a “Goldylocks Zone” if you like. I’ve opened about 14 businesses, most were quite successful market forces or better opportunities caused me to leave them. My best skills have always been in Marketing and my worst outcomes were working within large corporations. My last business was quite successful for 10 years, but would not move to Oregon due to differing state laws, so I closed it. I am not part of my wife’s business, Sidney’s Senior Services, helping people connect with healthcare insurance to work with their Medicare. I have been a Toastmaster since the 1990’s, and have held every office in various local Toastmaster clubs plus I was a Toastmaster Area Governor and I’m now a Distinguished Toastmaster. I hope this year, to use my Toastmaster skills to make the meetings a little more streamlined, and a lot more enjoyable for members. As with many Koi fanciers, I came in through a side door. When we purchased our home in Roseburg, the pond and the fish came with it. The seller couldn’t transport his fish to Tucson, so we were instant Koi owners. His orientation was about 5 minutes long, and full of mis-information. Miraculously, we somehow managed to find the O.K. & W.S. and felt at home with the club..



Norman Call: Vice President  

I was first exposed to a fish pond in the early 50’s as a small boy. “It was my job to clean the cement pond every spring,. said Norman,” Of course, at that time I did not know the difference between a comet and a koi....and I didn’t care. Our cement pond had no drain which was typical in those days and cleaning the pond was always a dirty and stinky job. When we moved I was greatful and never wanted to see another pond” “As luck would have it, at the age of six - seven, became best friends with a Japanese boy who's parents were high-end gardeners in Palo Alto. And of course we spend a lot of time at each other’s home. My appreciation of the Japanese culture started then. My first visit to Japan was on R&R from Viet Nam while in the Marines.” During his 40 years in the koi hobby, Norman has won every koi show award available and traveled the country benching and judging koi shows. He has been designing Koi show pins and koi club logos for thirty years and currently has the largest koi pin collection in the world with just under 3000 koi pins. That does not include hundreds of tie pins, tie bars, key rings etc. Founded the Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society, (OK&WS) as 1st president Norman has been awarded lifetime memberships in the Central California Koi Society and the Siskiyou Koi and Water Garden Society for his assistance in their creation. 2015 Retired emeritus from the AKCA and the AKJA judging programs. Many other koi related activities have been omitted for briefness. 1953 First pond ( was already in place) 1975 Built first pond 1976 Entered first koi show 1980 Member ZNA Southern California Koi Club 1983 Started writing articles for Koi USA 1985 Started TC Enterprise, (The Koi Store) 1985 First of many trips to Japan (All Japan Koi Show) 1989 Received Honorary Lifetime Membership to the Central California Koi Society 1990 All Japan Koi Show 1995 AKCA Koi of the Year Award, (SCVK&WGC) 1996 Accepted as an AKCA candidate judge 1997 Member ZNA Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club 1998 All Japan Koi show ( attended the ZNA seminar) 1998 ZNA Southern California Koi Club seminar 1998 Founded the Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society, (OK&WS) as 1st president 1998 Vice Chairman, Pacific N.W. Koi Clubs Association, (PNKCA) 1999 Co- Founder and first editor of the PNKCA newsletter 1999 Newsletter Editor for the OK&WS 1999 AKCA Koi Person of the Year, (OK&WS) 1999 Ed Fugjimoto Award (PNKCA) 2000 Judged the ZNA So. Cal. Koi show & attended the ZNA koi seminar, Tokyo, Japan 2001 Became certified as an AKCA Koi Judge 2001 Accepted into the Koi Health Assistance program, ( KHA) 2002 Received the first OK&WS koi person of the year award 2008 Received Honorary Lifetime membership to the Siskiyou Koi & Pond Club 2012 Joined the American Koi Judges Association Judged over thirty koi shows from 1980 to 2014.

Lori WhitleyTreasure and Newsletter Editor :  

My name is Lori Whitley and my husband Bill and I joined the club in 2018 while we were in the process of building our pond. It is 16,000 gallons. We are still working on finishing the rest of our backyard. I have prior experience as treasurer. I am looking forward to learning more about koi, water gardening and pond maintenance.

Pama Bangeman : Secretary  

Hello Everyone, My name is Pama.

When my husband and I moved to Roseburg one of the first events we attended was a Koi sale and raffle. This sparked an interest in building a koi pond. With the help of Oregon Koi and Watergarden Society and its members we were able to build a pond without the errors that so many ponds have from the start. Being a member has a lot of advantages and it's fun to share with others that love to talk fish. We now have a 4,000 gallon pond that adds so much to our yard. I enjoy viewing and taking care of seven Koi. It seems that keeping large fish has become my main interest and the Koi are rapidly growing to fill their space. These fish have become treasured pets and I enjoy sharing them and the information that I have learned along the way with others who have found this hobby. I have held a number of positions within the club and am looking forward to the position of Secretary in 2019.

Kimberly Brock: Program Director

Hello Everyone, My name is Kimberley. My husband Randy and I have 3 children and 2 grandson’s. Our family became members of OK&WS in 1999. Before the club we had a itty bitty 2000 gallon pond, after joining we upgraded to a 10,000. Over the years we have enjoyed learning everything koi and water garden. And along the way we have made some amazing friends. Randy and I are the PNKC Reps for the club